Researcher Solutions

Support your teams with unprecedented speed, completeness, and new sources

You apply your research system to each incoming research request. You know the sources. You even know the analysts at the publisher firms. But you also know that you often get the hard questions looking for niche data. Soon, you’re going to get another email asking you to dig a little deeper or broader. And when the requests really come in, you feel like you don’t have quite enough time. What if you could help your internal customers by responding more quickly and respond to those niche requests with a more complete set of sources?

Researcher Solutions

Single Portal

Search through a single portal instead of hunting through your subscriptions. We know you probably have many. T4 covers an exhaustive set of sources within each industry and lets you skip the pain publisher portal search engines.

Researcher Solutions

Discovery Engine

Discover new data even your research team didn’t know existed. T4 regularly indexes data you would have never found. Sometimes it saves you from needlessly spending money. Sometimes it gives you a killer addition to your presentation.

Researcher Solutions


Find data faster than ever before. Respond with more confidence and in fewer emails. T4 has already indexed the data in your industry so you can find it quickly and focus on the more fun search requests.

This is a game changer.  We’ve never been able to search for everything in one place before.

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