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The $1.1B eSports industry is exploding onto the world stage with an evolving ecosystem including teams, game publishers, media, gambling companies, and a flood of new entrants. It is a young industry undergoing increasing investment and constant disruption. Subscription includes comprehensive industry data coverage from over 110 sources.

eSports Market Data

Comprehensive Coverage

T4 covers market research for over 80 eSports industry categories, teams, and games. Coverage includes extensive demographic, engagement, fan, and player data essential to understanding trends in this young industry.

eSports Market Data

In-Depth UICS Taxonomy

View the entire eSports industry taxonomy, category market sizes, and growth in a single window. T4’s in-depth, comprehensive UICS (Unified Industry Classification System) taxonomy lets you visualize an industry like never before.

eSports Market Data

Game and Team Specific Coverage

See reports and data on more than 20 eSports professional teams and more than 25 eSports games. Gain strategic and granular insight on the games and teams at the core of eSports growth across the world.

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