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Your time is valuable. Make your 5 minutes of research into 5 hours of productivity.

You’re running at a million miles per hour. You see deal after deal every single day. You can’t possibly diligence them all. If it’s good, maybe you’ll have 5 minutes. Sometimes you can’t believe how little you know about an industry before you engage the bankers, auditors, and consultants. Other times you’re just hoping the investment committee doesn’t ask a basic industry question you hadn’t prepared for. But what if you could see all of the data within each company’s industry in those 5 minutes? What kind of advantage would that give you?

Banking, PE, VC Solutions

Deal Sourcing

Identify the best industries to source deals. View an entire industry, it’s taxonomy, industry adjacencies, and industry size and growth in a single window so you know which industries to pay attention to first. Deep dive industry statistics are just a click away.

Banking, PE, VC Solutions

Discovery Engine

Discover new data even your research team didn’t know existed. T4 is exhaustive. We regularly index data you would have never found. Sometimes it saves you from needlessly spending money. Sometimes it gives you a killer addition to your presentation.

Banking, PE, VC Solutions


Find data faster than ever before. Nobody ever pats you on the back for finding data. They pat you on the back for great insights and analysis. T4 has already indexed the data in your industry so you can find it quickly and focus on what’s important.

T4 allowed us to do a deeper dive into the industry before we met the management team. We discovered data that let us ask much smarter questions. We wouldn’t have even known to ask them without T4!

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