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Impress clients and bosses with market research accessible within seconds

You’re the unsung hero. You’re constantly engaging in new projects. You’re scrambling to get data to support new initiatives. You have last minute meetings landing on your calendar and last minute tasks from your bosses and clients. Most of the time, you don’t even know if what they’re asking for is possible or if it exists. But what if instead of scrambling for that data, you had it with you at all times... Almost as if it was in your back pocket.

Consulting & Strategy

A Market Research Oracle

See exactly what data exists as soon as you start a project. There is no longer the feeling of “I don’t know what I don’t know.” T4 helps you understand what data exists so you can prioritize your time to develop the answers to the questions no one else has answered yet.

Consulting & Strategy

Discovery Engine

Discover new data even your research team didn’t know existed. T4 regularly indexes data you would have never found. Sometimes it saves you from needlessly spending money. Sometimes it gives you a killer addition to your presentation.

Consulting & Strategy


Find data faster than ever before. Nobody ever pats you on the back for finding data. They pat you on the back for great insights and analysis. T4 has already indexed the data in your industry so you can find it quickly and focus on what’s most important.

We spent two weeks gathering data for a new project before trying T4. T4 showed us reports we had missed and a few free data points we would have never found on our own. I just wish we used them on Day 1.

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