Smartwatch Market Share

Smartwatch Market Share

About Smartwatches

A Smartwatch is a computer built into a traditional watch that often contains additional sensors to measure activity. Most smartwatches have a display, similar to that of a smartphone, with a touchscreen user interface. Many smartwatches are paired with a smartphone app that lets the user manage the smartwatch and monitor information such as activity and biometrics. Smartwatch functionality resembles smartphones, including smartwatch mobile apps, a mobile operating system and connectivity through networks such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Several additional features include the ability to place phone calls, play media such as music or videos, and location tracking.

Smartwatch Market Size, 2018 - 2021

Smartwatch Market Size

The data above provides a good idea of the strong demand forecast for Smartwatches.The Smartwatch industry is expected to see the Smartwatch Market Size grow from $12B globally in 2018 to $27B in 2021 at a 30% annualised growth rate. In fact in 2019, the Smartwatch industry accounted for nearly half of the $41B Smart Wearables market. Get more in depth knowledge on the growth trends and what will drive the Smartwatch market in the next few years on T4’s platform here.

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Smartwatch Market Share by Unit Shipments, 2018
Smartwatch Market Share

The chart above shows the Smartwatch Market Share by unit shipments in 2018. Apple is the clear Smartwatch Market Share leader with 48% of the 2018 global Smartwatch market, followed by Fitbit with 12% share and Samsung with 11% share. The top nine Smartwatch Industry brands account for 75% of the market. To get more insights on Smartwatch Market Share, Smartwatch Market Size and what is driving the Smartwatch Industry technology growth, you can visit T4’s Market Research platform here.

Smartwatch Industry Growth Drivers

Smartwatches are the most popular Smart wearable device today, and are expected to account for almost 45% of all Smart Wearables shipped by the end of 2022. A recent catalyst for the growth of the Smart Watch Market Size is the Smartwatch Market Share leader’s decision to include cellular connectivity on the latest Apple Watch. This helped bring some much-needed attention to the smartwatch category from telcos and more importantly, it has helped with consumer acceptance. Smartwatch Industry growth is soaring, as consumers increasingly seek to accessorize their smartphones. Today, with Smartwatches providing many of the functionalities of smartphones, along with health and fitness data, smartwatches have become more than a trendy piece of Smart wearable. Millennials have largely been behind this technology's strong adoption, since smartwatches cater to both their health conscious goals as well as the ‘always connected’ needs of this group.

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Do Research Firms Agree on Smartwatch Market Share, Size, and Growth?

Research firms usually track the unit shipment of smartwatches as part of the overall Smart Wearable quarterly market trackers. Therefore, estimates for the Smartwatch Market Share, Market size and Unit shipments are generally within the same ballpark across most publishers. There is an overall consensus that the Smartwatch industry will continue to see strong growth and lead the consumer IoT wearables market. For further research T4 recommends exploring and evaluating all available sources. T4 has aggregated and organized the data from these sources on the T4 Industry Research Platform. See each source’s view of the Smartwatch Market Size, Smartwatch Market Share, and Smartwatch Growth on the T4 Platform.

What Additional Smartwatch Data Does T4 Have?

T4 comprehensively aggregated more than 20 reports from more than10 publishers covering statistics and trends in the Smartwatch Industry. This includes Smartwatch Market Size by both revenues and unit shipments, Smartwatch Market Share by vendor, regional smartwatch sales, Smartwatch trends by type of Smartwatch OS, Adoption trends for smart wearables across regions, regional Smartwatch price analysis, as well as more than 10 additional market statistics that demonstrate Smartwatch trends. The Smartwatch Industry falls under T4's Consumer IoT industry coverage. Industries related to the T4 taxonomy include IoT Wearables, IoT Health and Fitness Devices, IoT Hearables, and many others. You can find reports covering these industries on T4’s Platform.

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