Internet Advertising Market Share

Internet Advertising Market Share, Market Size and Industry Growth Drivers, 2018 - 2023

About Internet Advertising

Internet advertising (also known as online advertising, digital advertising, and web advertising) is the practice of deploying marketing and advertising using the Internet. Companies can deliver their promotional marketing messages online to consumers in many different forms. These include email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), mobile notifications, and more. In many ways internet advertising is similar to traditional approaches, with advertisers providing content which is then displayed by publishers on their platforms. Digital ads are not a new approach and have existed since the first emails. However, in 2019 digital ad spending surpassed 50% of total global ad spending across all mediums,, showcasing how the world is becoming more and more digital. Unsurprisingly, the highest internet advertising revenue belongs to the largest Internet platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Alibaba. You can find Internet Advertising Market Size, Internet Advertising Market Share, Ad Revenues and other trends and statistics below and you can get help with additional Internet Advertising industry market research here.

Internet Advertising Market Size, 2018 - 2023, Revenue

Internet Advertising Market Size

The chart shows the Internet Advertising Market Size from 2018 to 2023. In 2019, the size of the Digital Ad Industry was $333B and is projected to grow 16% in 2020. From 2018 to 2023 the Internet Advertising Industry growth is projected to average 13% per year. Request help with obtaining the source for this Internet Advertising revenue and additional industry market research here.

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Internet Advertising Market Share, 2019, Revenue
Internet Advertising Market Share

The chart shows Internet Advertising Market Share in 2019. The Internet Advertising Market is concentrated among a few vendors. The leading vendor in the Internet Advertising Industry was Google with 31% market share in 2019, followed by Facebook with 20% Internet Advertising market share, Alibaba with 9% Internet Advertising market share, Amazon with 4%, Baidu with 4%, Tencent with 3%, Microsoft with 2%, and Others with 27% Internet Advertising Market Share. Get help with market research for the Internet Advertising market, including the help finding source for this Internet Advertising Market Share chart and other data here.

Internet Advertising Industry Growth Drivers

Internet Advertising is currently the largest segment of total ad spending. Growth is driven by more people spending more time online, the expansion of E-commerce, a steady increase in the consumer base, and multiple benefits compared to traditional advertising. Businesses and advertising agencies can clearly track advertising statistics such as engagement and ROI from their marketing campaigns, which leads to greater flexibility and control over marketing budgets. Internet advertising enables easy advertising scalability, A/B Testing, and targeting, especially with user tracking tools such as cookies and geo-location.The majority of Internet users regularly visit a handful of websites such as Google and Facebook, making them ideal platforms for displaying ads to an extremely wide audience.

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Internet Advertising Industry Competitors and Products

Internet Advertising is a mature market composed of many large competitors. Google Internet Advertising market share was 31% in 2019. Google offers its Google Ads platform for customers to display their ads in Google Search,Google Maps, YouTube, and on other websites. Facebook Internet Advertising market share was 20% in 2019. Facebook inserts its ads directly into a user’s news feed, making the ads look more natural, and is exploring inserting advertisements into WhatsApp. Alibaba Internet Advertising market share was 9%. Alibaba accounts for a third of the Chinese market and places ads on its various platforms, including online shopping sites Tmall, Taobao, and video streaming service Youku Tudou. Amazon market share was 4% of the Internet Advertising market. Amazon’s ad business is similar to that of Google’s. It displays digital ads to over 200M unique monthly users when they search for products on Amazon’s online shopping platform.

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