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Identity & Access Management - IAM Market Size and Industry Growth Drivers, 2016 - 2021

About IAM

Identity & Access Management (IAM) allows companies to set up different access to data and information for their employees within the IT infrastructure. Employees have varying authority, responsibilities, and competency, so it is important for an IAM system to be set up to control who can access different information. Access to a file is a simple example - some users may have the rights to edit it, some can only view, whereas others don't have any access at all. Systems used for Identity & Access management include single sign-on systems, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access management (PAM). IAM technologies also provide the ability to securely store identity and profile data. IAM systems can be deployed on-premises, in a hybrid cloud, or provided through a cloud-based subscription model. You can find IAM Market Size, IAM Market Share, and other trends and statistics below.

Identity & Access Management -
IAM Market Size, 2016 - 2021

IAM Market Size

The chart shows the Identity & Access Management - IAM Market Size from 2016 to 2021. In 2019, the size of the IAM Industry was $11.4B and is projected to grow 25% in 2020. From 2016 to 2021 the IAM Industry growth is projected to average 22% per year.

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Identity & Access Management -
IAM Industry Market Share, 2015
IAM Market Share

The chart shows IAM Market Share in 2015. The leading vendors in the IAM Industry were IBM, EMC, and Oracle with 10% market share in 2015, followed by Gemalto with 9%, CA Technologies with 9%, and Others with 52%. View the source for this IAM Market Share chart and other Market Share estimates here.

IAM Growth Drivers

The Identity & Access Management - IAM Market is becoming one of the fastest-growing Cybersecurity Industries. The acceleration in IAM Market growth is driven by increased needs for IT security, new applications for B2C and IoT security, new regulations (e.g. GDPR), and a changing enterprise IT environment. Many data breaches occur due to Identity theft or privilege misuse. Effective Identity & Access Management lowers the chances of these breaches significantly. New regulations such as GDPR or the CCPA impose stricter obligations regarding data security, as well as the need for users to be able to delete their personal information. In addition, IoT devices often have access to identities, and extra security will be required to avoid the misuse of devices. This IAM opportunity has the chance to be massive, so the IAM Market may explode over the next several years.

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Do Research Firms Agree on IAM Market Share, Size, and Growth?

Market research sources moderately disagree on the IAM Market Size, somewhat disagree on the IAM Market Share, and strongly disagree on the IAM Growth. The cause of disagreement is due to industry analysts defining the IAM Market differently, with some companies including a greater scope than others. For example, not every market research firm includes IoT opportunities. In addition, SaaS and cloud-based solutions open the door for new opportunities in identity management. The IAM Market may accelerate its spread beyond large enterprises, leading to a significant multiplier of IAM Market growth. For a complete evaluation of the IAM market, T4 recommends exploring all available sources. T4 aggregated and organized the data from these sources on the T4 Industry Research Platform. See each source's view of the IAM Market, IAM Market Size, and IAM Market Share on the T4 Platform.

What Additional Identity & Access Management Data Does T4 Have?

T4 comprehensively aggregated more than 100 reports from more than 30 publishers covering statistics and trends in the Identity & Access Management - IAM Industry. This includes IAM Revenue by Vertical Industry, Vendor Comparisons, Revenue by Region, and more than 10 additional statistics. The IAM Industry falls under T4's Cybersecurity industry coverage. Industries related to the IAM Industry in the T4 taxonomy include Data Security, Fraud Protection, and IoT Security. Related subcategories of the Industry include Authentication Software, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Access Management, Single sign-on (SSO), Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Identity Governance and Administration. You can find reports covering these industries on T4’s Platform.

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