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Email Client Market Share, Market Size and Industry Growth Drivers, 2019 - 2023

About Email Clients

An Email Client is a piece of software used to access and manage a user's email. Not to be confused with an email server, which is hardware that stores email for many users from a single provider. The client is what email users interact with directly, downloading incoming messages from the server and uploading sent messages back to it. Businesses also use the Email Client software to handle email marketing with tools such as Litmus Email. Email clients can be either installed as a desktop program (a mail app), on a mobile device, or accessed through a web browser directly (also known as webmail). Email client market share can be viewed from several lenses. Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail are examples of popular email clients, whereas Gmail and Yahoo! Mail are often the choice when it comes to working through browsers. According to Litmus, Apple Mail leads the way in Email Client Market Share. Gmail market share is highest among email clients on the browser. You can find Email Market Size, Email Client Market Share, and other trends and statistics below and you can get help with additional Email industry market research and learn more about T4's strategy consulting services here.

Email Market Size, 2019 - 2023, Revenue

Email Market Size

The chart shows the Email Market Size from 2019 to 2023. In 2020, the size of the Email Software Industry was $47B and is projected to grow 17% in 2020. From 2019 to 2023, Email Industry growth is projected to average 17% per year. These estimates were made before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The short term impact of COVID-19 on the Email market growth will likely be beneficial because companies are relying heavily on remote communications. The long term impact of COVID-19 on the Email market growth beyond the COVID-19 pandemic will likely be low because Emails are already essential to every business. Request help with obtaining the source for this data and additional Email industry market research and learn more about T4's strategy consulting services here.

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Email Client Market Share, 2020, Email Opens
Email Client Market Share

The chart shows Email Client Market Share, tracked by email opens by Litmus, in 2020. The Email Market is concentrated among a few vendors. The leading vendor in the Email Client Industry was Apple Mail with 40% market share in 2020. Apple Mail includes an email client on Apple's iPhone, iPad, computers, and other devices. Apple Mail email client market share is followed by Gmail with 38% Email Client market share, Outlook with 9% Email Client market share, Yahoo Mail with 4%, and Others with 9%. Gmail market share is particularly impressive because, unlike other leading competitors, Gmail has found success among consumers and enterprise customers. Get help with market research for the Email market, including the source for this Email Client Market Share chart and learn more about T4's strategy consulting services here.

Email Client Industry Growth Drivers

Emails are the cornerstone of modern business communication. Growth is driven by the digitization trends among businesses, digital marketing via email becoming a popular choice for advertising, and more and more remote jobs appearing on the market. Even with the rise of popular messengers such as Slack, emails remain the business tool of choice for exchanging crucial information, communicating with clients, and more. In addition, a growing number of remote jobs are appearing on the market, and companies that have traditionally based their operations in the office are experimenting with remote options. As there is an ever present need for communication over the Internet, the Email market will certainly grow. Given the rapid growth of the Email market, Email Client market share will likely continue to change. Email client market share changes will also be influenced by Apple's market share in different devices, as well as adoption of Gmail among more businesses.

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Email Industry Competitors and Products

Email is a Mature market composed of a few large competitors. Apple Mail market share was 48% of the Email Client market in 2020. Apple Mail is the default email app that comes on every Apple device, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Gmail market share was 28% of the Email client market in 2020. Gmail is by far the most popular browser email client. With an account a user can also access the Gmail app which is pre-installed on Android devices. Outlook market share was 9% of the Email client market in 2020. Microsoft is primarily an email manager, but it also includes a calendar, task manager, journal, and other useful functions. It comes in the form of a desktop app, mobile app, and webmail. Yahoo! Mail market share was 5% of the Email client market in 2020. Yahoo! Was one of the leading email client market share leaders until Gmail launched and rapidly eroded its market share. Yahoo! Mail is Gmail's main browser competitor. It offers three plans for personal use and one for businesses.

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T4 comprehensively aggregated more than 10 reports from more than 5 publishers covering statistics and trends in the Email Software Industry. This includes Email Client Install Base and Email Client Market Share by Business Size, Region, Vendor; Revenue; Adoption, and more than 20 additional statistics. The Industry falls under T4's Enterprise Software industry coverage. Industries related to Email Software in the T4 taxonomy include Enterprise Messaging Platforms, Mass Notification Software, and Conferencing Software. You can find reports covering these industries on T4's Platform or learn more about T4's strategy consulting services here.

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