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Cybersecurity Trends, Statistics and Industry Growth Drivers, 2017 - 2019

About Cybersecurity Industry Trends

Cybersecurity is one of the most versatile IT industries out there. It has existed on the market for decades and is very mature. However, in our age of digital transformation there are still many disruptions going on. Despite the turmoil, there are several key Cybersecurity Trends that can be pointed out. As cloud adoption becomes more prevalent among businesses, the Cloud Security segment is experiencing explosive growth. New data regulations also push industries that handle sensitive information to spend more on Cybersecurity. For example, State/Local Government is seeing the highest spending growth among industries. You can find Cybersecurity Trends, Cybersecurity Statistics, and other data below.

Cybersecurity Trends - Cloud Security Industry Market Size, 2017 - 2019

Cloud Security Market Size

This Cybersecurity Statistics chart shows the Cloud Security Market Size from 2017 to 2019. In 2018, the size of the Cloud Security Industry was $304M and grew 51% in 2019. The effect of rapid cloud adoption is one of the most important Cybersecurity Industry Trends.

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Cybersecurity Statistics - Spending Growth by Industry, 2019
Cybersecurity Growth by Industry

The chart shows Cybersecurity Growth by Industry in 2019. The leading industry in 2019 was State/Local Government with 11.9% growth in 2019, followed by Telecom with 11.8% market share Resource Industries with 11%, Banking with 10.4%, Federal/Central Government with 9.9%, and the others with 8.3%. View the source for this Cybersecurity Growth by Industry chart and other Cybersecurity statistics here.

Cybersecurity Growth Drivers

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest and fastest growing IT industries. The growth is primarily driven by an intense digitization of businesses and a rapidly changing security landscape. In 2019, over 50% of IT spending was directed at public and private clouds, as opposed to traditional infrastructure. And that trend isn't going anywhere. In addition to that, we're seeing new data security regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA affecting the approach of companies to data security. Cyber Insurance is becoming more prominent, and managed security services are increasingly seen as a cost-effective solution among SMBs.

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Do Research Firms Agree on Cybersecurity Statistics and Trends?

Market research sources mostly agree on the Cybersecurity Industry Trends, and mostly disagree on the Cybersecurity Statistics related to these trends. The cause of disagreement is due to a lack of clear definition of important terms such as cloud security, data regulation policies, and managed security services. Each market research source usually deals with its own definition, including different products. For a complete evaluation of Cybersecurity Statistics and Trends, T4 recommends exploring all available sources. T4 aggregated and organized the data from these sources on the T4 Industry Research Platform. See Each source's view of the Cybersecurity Trends, and Cybersecurity Statistics on the T4 Platform.

What Additional Cybersecurity Trends Data Does T4 Have?

T4 comprehensively aggregated more than 100 reports from more than 50 publishers covering Cybersecurity Statistics and Trends in the. Cybersecurity Surveys and Statistics falls under T4's Cybersecurity industry coverage. Related subcategories of the section include Security Breaches, Cyber Insurance Statistics, Purchasing Security, and 5 additional categories. You can find reports covering these industries on T4’s Platform.

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