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Cloud Security Market, Market Size, Trends and Industry Growth Drivers, 2017 - 2019

About Cloud Security

Cloud Security is a set of technologies, procedures, and policies with the common goal of protecting cloud-based systems from cyber threats. These measures are set up to protect company data, protect user data, follow compliance policies, and protect customer privacy. Rules for individual user and device authentication are also established. Cloud security solutions in the cloud security market are becoming essential to businesses as they transition to cloud computing services that extend their networks into a private or public cloud. The usage of cloud services provides bad actors with new surfaces to conduct cyber attacks.

Cloud security solutions are available to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes ranging from large enterprises to small businesses. One of the main benefits is that all systems can be managed from one place. This significantly eases the workload of IT teams so they can focus on other vital issues. The specific implementation varies with the cloud services provider and the needs of businesses. Establishing the right cloud security environment to protect sensitive data is typically a joint effort between the business owner and the solution provider. Cloud security industry market players include traditional anti-virus companies like Symantec, McAfee, and Trend Micro; cloud computing services providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud; but also a range of other cybersecurity and networking companies like Sophos, Proofpoint, and Cisco. You can find Cloud Security Market Size, Cloud Security Market Trends, and other statistics below.

Cloud Security Market Size, 2017 - 2019

Cloud Security Market

The chart shows the Cloud Security Market Size from 2017 to 2019. In 2019, the size of the Cloud Security Industry was $460M. From 2017 to 2019 the Cloud Security Industry grew at an average 57% per year.

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Cloud IT Infrastructure Deployment Share, 2017 - 2023
Cloud Security Trends

The chart shows the Worldwide Information Technology Infrastructure Market by Deployment Type from 2017 to 2023. Currently, the largest market share of IT Infrastructure Market belongs to the public cloud and private cloud, which together represent 50% of all IT infrastructure deployments. IDC forecasts that this adoption in cloud infrastructure deployment will reach almost 60% by 2023. Global cloud adoption is increasing which means the potential for cyber attacks is increasing as well. Companies need to protect their data wherever it sits. This chart gives a good idea of how Cybersecurity spending will shift from Traditional Data Center or on-premise networks to the cloud. This will impact the Cloud Security Market. Cloud security software, be it for public cloud security, private cloud security, or hybrid cloud security, will continue to integrate with traditional security services to protect data and against network vulnerabilities. View the source for this IT Infrastructure Market Share and other statistics related to Cloud Security Trends here.

Cloud Security Market Growth Drivers

The Cloud Security Market is one of the most important markets in our era of massive digitalization of data. Growth in the Cloud Security Industry is caused by deployment by companies to the public cloud and private cloud, an increasing amount of cyber attacks, and rising government compliance requirements. More and more enterprises are shifting their operations to cloud-based solutions and purchasing more cloud services and applications. This naturally makes Cloud Security a top priority. Along with this development, cloud-based vendors have become much more enticing for hackers. Yes, the cloud comes with many benefits, but it also becomes a high-value target for attacks. Regardless, data security is one of the most important Cloud Security Trends, and it is unlikely to diminish anytime soon. The global Cloud Security Market will certainly continue to experience extraordinary market growth, just like the cloud computing and the security solutions markets.

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Do Research Firms Agree on Cloud Security Market Size, Cloud Security Trends, and Growth?

Market research sources mostly agree on general Cloud Security Trends, strongly disagree on the Cloud Security Market Size and strongly disagree on the Cloud Security Market Growth. The cause of disagreement is the fact that the Cloud Security Industry is hard to distinguish from the Cloud Infrastructure and Network Security markets. When vendors provide their clients Cloud as a Service, those same vendors are responsible for the security of data stored on their servers. At the same time, from the client's point of view connecting to the cloud is a matter of connecting to a new network. At its core, Cloud Security involves a mix of responsibilities from both vendor and business owner, making it difficult to pin down the exact Cloud Security Market Size and its growth. For a complete evaluation of the Cloud Security Market, T4 recommends exploring all available sources. T4 aggregated and organized the data from these sources on the T4 Industry Research Platform. See Each source's view of the Cloud Security Market, Cloud Security Market Size, and Cloud Security Trends on the T4 Platform.

What Additional Cloud Security Data Does T4 Have?

T4 provides extensive market research coverage of cloud technologies and cybersecurity solutions. T4 comprehensively aggregated more than 50 reports from more than 20 publishers covering statistics and trends in the Cloud Security Industry. This includes Cloud Security market Revenue, Cloud Security Market Vendor Comparisons, Revenue by Region, Revenue by Business Size, Revenue by Vertical Market Segment and more than 5 additional Cloud Security Industry statistics. The Cloud Security Industry falls under T4's Cybersecurity industry coverage. Industries related to Cloud Security in the T4 taxonomy include Data Center Security, Network Security, Security as a Service, Infrastructure Security, Access Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Cloud Computing. Related subcategories of the Cloud Security Industry include Cloud Management and Security Services, Cloud Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Cloud Workload Security Management. You can find reports covering these industries on T4’s Platform.

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