Business Intelligence Trends

Business Intelligence Trends

About Business Intelligence Solutions

The Business Intelligence Market is a subset of Business Application software designed to retrieve, analyze, and make consumable data to empower business decision making. Business Intelligence solutions and tools read data that has been previously stored, often in a data warehouse or data mart. They can incorporate data accessibility, visualization, and analytic tools. BI solutions leverage software and services to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. Business Intelligence trends show an increasing reliance on this type of data across functions of an organization, from external sales to internal operations.

Business Intelligence - BI Market Size, 2014 - 2019

Business Intelligence Trends

The data above shows the evolution of the business applications segment between the period 2014 to 2019. The revenues generated by the worldwide BI market was estimated to be $28B in 2018 and grew at 10% to $31B in 2019. The average growth of the BI market from 2014 to 2019 was 7%. The overall business applications market was $378B in 2019 and grew an average of 8% between 2014 and 2019. This and other data on Business Intelligence Trends, Business Intelligence Statistics, and the BI Market data can be found here.

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BI Market Share, 2017
BI Market

The chart above shows the Business Intelligence - BI Market Share by the top BI vendors. SAP is the market leader with a 10% BI market share followed by SAS and IBM at 8% respectively. The market for BI tools is fragmented and the top vendors only constitute 60% of the total market. To get more insights on Business Intelligence Trends, Business Intelligence Statistics, BI market share, and other insights on what is driving the growth in BI technology, you can visit T4's Market Research Platform here.

Business Intelligence Trends and Industry Growth Drivers

The key driver for Business Intelligence Trends and BI market growth has been an increasing adoption of cloud technologies and therefore an explosion in the repository of Business data. These Business Intelligence trends are expected to continue. The increase in data and value of insights from this data has made the need for BI tools ever more important. The growing use of advanced data analytics to decipher business trends has made the adoption of data-driven decision making increasingly important to organizations. The BI market is benefiting from greater demand and competition. Business Intelligence tools and platforms are therefore being used extensively across many industry verticals.

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Do Research Firms Agree on the Business Intelligence solutions Market Share, Size, and Growth?

We see wide disagreement across the market reports on Business Intelligence Trends, including the Business Intelligence Market Size, Business Intelligence Market shares, and growth. These differences are mainly due to the differing product categorization and definitions for the BI Market. Despite this, the future outlook for the BI market generally points towards robust growth as cloud technologies and data grow. For further research, T4 recommends exploring and evaluating all available sources. See each source’s view of the Business Intelligence Market Size, BI Market Share by vendor, Business Intelligence Trends, and Business Intelligence Statistics on the T4 Platform.

What Additional Business Intelligence Trends and BI Market Data Does T4 Have?

T4 comprehensively aggregated hundreds of reports from more than 10 publishers covering statistics and trends in the Business Intelligence Market. This includes the Adoption of BI technology by Industry type, region and end-user case; BI Market Size by region and vendors, BI Market Shares, and more than 10 additional Business Intelligence Statistics and Trends. The BI Industry falls under T4's Big Data & Analytics coverage. Industries related to the T4 taxonomy include Data Visualization Software, Enterprise Insights Platforms, and Predictive and Analytics Software. Related subcategories of the Industry include Cloud BI Platforms, Modern AI Platforms, Traditional BI Platforms, and Digital Intelligence Platforms. You can find reports covering these industries on T4’s Platform.

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