Big Data Statistics

Big Data Statistics, including Big Data Market Size and Big Data Market Share

About the Big Data Industry

The Big data Industry provides people and organizations the ability to make sense of an ever-growing amount of data. The Big Data Industry is comprised of software, services, and hardware to manage, clean, analyze, extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software. Big Data has traditionally meant data with one or more of the following characteristics: high volume, high velocity or high variety. However, the current usage of the term Big Data tends to refer to the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, or certain other advanced data analytics methods that extract value from data.

Big Data Statistics and Market Size, 2015 - 2022

Big Data Statistics

The Big Data Market Size was estimated to be $189B in 2019, and is expected to grow at a robust pace of 13% in the next 3 years to be a $274B market by 2022. Revenues from the Services side of the market are expected to be largest followed by that from Software and Hardware. You can find these and other Big Data Statistics on the T4 Market Research Platform.

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Big Data Market Share, 2017
Big Data Market Share

The chart shows Big Data Market Share, including hardware, software, and services. in 2017. The Big Data Market Share leaders are IBM with 8% Big Data Market Share, followed by Splunk with a 4% market share, Dell with 3.5% share, Oracle with 3.3% share, AWS with 3.0%, Accenture with 2.5%, Palantir with 2.2%, SAP with 1.9%, HPE with 1.8%, Microsoft with 1.6%, and Cloudera with 1.1%. The Big Data market has shown a demand for Big Data Analytics and Visualization solutions, with many small niche players emerging in this segment. These Big Data Statistics show that the top 10 vendors account for only 30% of the Big Data market while almost 70% of the market is made up of smaller solution providers. View the source for this Big Data Market Share chart, Big Data Trends, and other Big Data Statistics here.

Big Data Trends and Big Data Market Growth Drivers

Growth in the Big Data Market has been driven by the explosion of data that companies generate and the need to make meaningful use of this data. Organizations are beginning to realize the operational advantages of Big Data analytics, which has empowered organizations to better target new customers, improve service, and maximize operational performance. Increased access to cloud-based models, enterprise-grade security for valuable data and better data governance solutions offered by Big Data market vendors are making tools more accessible to organizations. Big Data vendor consolidation will continue to drive for its growth.

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Do Research Firms Agree on Big Data Market Share, Big Data Market Size, and Growth?

The Big Data Market Size varies across research firms. The difference arises due to differences in product category definitions and market estimation methodology. Despite these differing market statistics, the reports do point to a robust growth expectation for the Big Data market. For more in depth research T4 recommends exploring all available sources. T4 has aggregated and organized Big Data Statistics from these sources on the T4 Industry Research Platform. See each source’s view of the Big Data market on the T4 Platform.

What Additional Big Data Statistics Does T4 Have?

T4 comprehensively aggregated more than 80 reports from more than 20 publishers covering Big Data Statistics and Big Data trends in the Big Data Industry. This includes Big Data Statistics such as Market Size by Region, Vertical Industry, Product Type, Type of Application, Type of Service and Type of Technology, and more than 20 additional Big Data Statistics. Big Data falls under T4's Software industry coverage. Industries related to the Big Data Industry in the T4 taxonomy include Predictive and Analytics Software. Related subcategories of the Industry include Information and Data Management, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Predictive and Analytics Software, and Database Software. You can find reports covering these industries on T4’s Platform.

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