5G Market Share

5G Market Share, Market Size and Industry Growth Drivers, 2018 - 2025

About 5G Networks

5G technology is the fifth generation standard for cellular networks. It is a planned successor to the 4G network, and many phone companies have already begun deploying 5G infrastructure worldwide in 2019. The main advantage of the new 5G networks is that they will have greater bandwidth, allowing faster download speeds up to 10Gbit/s. This increased bandwidth will also greatly expand the possible applications. 5G infrastructure networks are expected to compete with existing ISPs and make possible new applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) areas. 5G Market Share is highly concentrated in China and South Korea among Huawei and Samsung. You can find 5G Market Size, 5G Market Share, and other trends and statistics below and you can learn more about T4's strategy consulting services here.

5G Market Size, 2018 - 2025, # of Connections

5G Market Size

The chart shows the 5G Technology Market Size over a forecast period from 2018 to 2025. In 2020, the size of the 5G Industry was 120M connections and is projected to grow 283% in 2021. For now 5G Network Market Share is highly concentrated in Asia-Pacific. From 2018 to 2025 the 5G Industry growth is projected to average 430% per year. These estimates were made before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The short term impact of COVID-19 on the 5G market growth will likely be Medium because less money is being spent on brand new phones and IoT devices. The long term impact of COVID-19 on the 5G market growth beyond the COVID-19 pandemic will likely be Low because 5G is a natural and inevitable step in the evolution of communication. Request help with obtaining the source for this data and learn more about T4's strategy consulting services here.

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5G Market Share, 2019, Shipments
5G Market Share

The chart shows 5G Market Share in 2019. The 5G Market is concentrated among a few vendors. The leading vendor in the 5G Industry was Huawei with 36.9% market share in 2019, followed by Samsung with 35.8% 5G market share, Vivo with 10.7% 5G market share, Xiaomi with 6.4%, LG with 4.8%, and Others with 5.4%. Get help with market research for the 5G market, including the source for this 5G Network Market Share chart and learn more about T4's strategy consulting services here.

5G Industry Growth Drivers

5G is one of the fastest growing technologies in telecommunications. Growth is driven by an increasing demand for high-speed networks and emerging applications in IoT and M2M. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are being used more and more for both work and entertainment, and modern apps require high-speed Internet connections to operate smoothly. Additionally, we are seeing a boom in the IoT industry. Billions of devices are becoming connected on a global scale, and all of them will require a stable mobile network with high enough bandwidth to prosper. A need for a faster and better Internet is natural in our age, and that need will continue to provide a high growth rate for 5G deployment.

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5G Industry Competitors and Products

5G is a Developing market comprised of a few large competitors. Huawei 5G Network market share was 36.9% in 2019. Huawei is a leader both in 5G research & development and shipments. By October 2019, Huawei shipped 200M 5G smartphones, and their R&D investment in 2019 alone exceeded €1.2B. Samsung market share was 35.8% of the 5G market in 2019. Samsung is famous for delivering powerful flagship devices based on the Android platform. Currently, Samsung offers the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra 5G devices. Vivo market share was 10.7% of the 5G market in 2019. Vivo is another Chinese smartphone manufacturer and has recently entered the 5G market with its NEX 3 5G device. Xiaomi market share was 6.4% of the 5G market in 2019. Xiaomi's Mi Mix 3 5G is a flagship smartphone selling on a global scale with an update ready to activate 5G support once a network appears in the area. LG market share was 4.8% of the 5G market in 2019. LG has two 5G smartphone models - V50 ThiQ and V60 ThinQ. They are available for different carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

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